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"It has been a little over 13 months and finally crossed the 100lb lost mark!!! I am down 102.5lbs and just so thrilled! I went through old pictures and just can’t even believe it. When you are living it everyday you don’t see the huge difference until you look at pictures! This has been a fantastic journey this past year that will continue on. If it wasn’t for this wonderful coffee and other fantastic products that has aided in my journey, forever grateful to my team and this company! ❤️❤️? this my friends is what 102.5lbs gone looks like!! ?. "

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Losing Weight with 4 Kids!

"Sometimes, it’s the hardest thing just to get out and shop for a pair of pants by myself. 4 little kiddos just isn’t conducive to using the dressing room.

I’ve resigned myself to doing a lot of clothing shopping either online or just grabbing clothes from the tables in Walmart with the knowledge that if it doesn’t fit when I get home I’ll have to bring it back and switch it. 
Magic coffee has changed my clothing world! Literally in that I’m down from an XL top to S-M and size 12-14 to 4! But the best part is, when I opened that package in the mail and tried on these pants...they fit! Size 4, no muffin top, no laying down to button them, and no shipping back to exchange! 
And this fancy Walmart shirt? Don’t have to take it back for a bigger size either!
Y’all. I haven’t been in the 130’s ever in my teenage or adult years. Ever. I feel great, I have energy to get things done (even without sleeping the past two nights) and I’m healthy again! Big things from where I was a year ago!"--Heather

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"No diet, no exercise, eating whatever food i want?? No need to starve myself?  I really didn’t expect that in the span of 2 months so much changes will happened?? ."


"II was skeptical to use this at first because I tried a lot of different diets but nothing worked. In less than 2 months , you can really see the difference, 62kg down to 55kg without exercise."


"From Fatman to blood pressure, cholesterol, uric acid and A1c are now normal. No more medications...

It is the simplest and cheapest way to Lose Weight... Simply Amazing!"


"II have to admit I was a little skeptical but, I decided to buy the 6 day experience and had lost 6lbs in that week!! I was amazed! Fast forward, August 2019, I am proud to say that I’m at a size 4, 123lbs!!! I have not felt so good in my own skin in a very long time. I was even uncomfortable changing in front of my husband, whom I have been married to for 21 years! I wanted and needed the change! It has also given me the energy and motivation to stay healthy."

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